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Anne Le Lorier, 68 years old, is a member of the Board of Directors. After graduating from the École Nationale d'Administration in 1977, Anne Le Lorier joined the Treasury, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, where she spent most of her career.

In 1981 she was appointed as France's Alternate at the International Monetary Fund.

From January 1987 to May 1988, she was member of the cabinet of the Ministry of Finances and from March 1993 to May 1995, she was member of the cabinet of the Prime Minister.

In 1996, she became head of the Financing and Government Shareholding Department in the Treasury, then in 1998 head of the Monetary and Financial Affairs Department and, in this capacity, Censor of the Banque de France.

In 2001, she joined the company Fimalac as a specially-appointed adviser to the Chairman and a member of the Executive Committee.

In April 2002, she joined the EDF group, where she occupied various posts: Director, then Deputy Director General of Corporate Finance and Treasury Management of the EDF group and Director delegated to the Secretary General, with responsibility for the Group Risks Directorate and the Audit Directorate.

In November 2011, Anne Le Lorier has been appointed Deputy Governor of the Banque de France. She became second (2011) and then first (2012) deputy governor of the Banque de France.

In January 2019, she was appointed member of the Sanctions Commission at the financial markets authority (AMF).

In March 2020, she was appointed to the board of the prudential and resolution authority (ACPR).

She has been awarded the honours of Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite and Officier de la Légion d’Honneur.